Thank you for signing up to ArXangel has a few features which I’ve covered in past blog posts, but the latest feature is a sign-in function.

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  • Once you’ve done this, arXangel will check your ORCID history, read all of your papers and will use those to figure out what you like to read.
  • Then, the following day, you can log in and find a feed of new preprints in your area of interest.
  • Some people who signed up didn’t get recommendations the following day. Sorry about that. It turns out that a number of new sign ups were highly prolific individuals, so it took arXangel a long time to read all of their papers, which in turn delayed the process for other users. I’ve built a workaround for that problem now. It’s my fault, I should have anticipated that arXangel would attract the best and brightest ;)

A good time to take stock? has been around for a few months now.

  • Recommended referees, journals and similar articles for arXiv preprints
  • Recommended preprints for individuals (new!)

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