How to use ArXangel (for researchers)

It’s been a while since the last update on ArXangel. The main reason for this being that I was very busy updating ArXangel. The site has a few new features which I think might be of interest.

ArXangel Articles

The old standard functionality still exists. You can still use the site to:

One thing to mention is that, at the time of writing, you can search for any ArXiv preprint on the ‘articles’ route of ArXangel, however the results come from a historic dataset. So if you want to research a very new topic (like COVID-19, for example, this isn’t the best place to do so).

ArXangel Journals

Now you can also use the site to follow a journal you like. So, rather than performing manual searches of ArXiv, or following particular categories, you can just pick a journal that’s aligned with your interests and check in on that journal every day. The ‘journals’ route of arXangel does return up-to-date data.

E.g. I used to work on a journal called You can find new preprints similar to those in that journal, here:

It might be worth stressing that this just shows new preprints that fit the journal NOT peer-reviewed articles.

You might notice that articles from several ArXiv categories fit this one journal, so following related content by following related categories would not return the same results.

You can search for any journal as long as it’s had more than a few ArXiv preprints published in it.

At the time of writing, journal names have to be typed exactly as they appear in CrossRef records. Short names, like ‘Phys. Rev. X’, won’t work and neither will ISSNs, acronyms etc. I might change that if there’s interest.

Anyway, I hope that this application is useful to you. Let me know if you have any questions, feedback or comments. You can reach me in the comments section below, or on Twitter.

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