Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine there are just 2 journal publishers in the world: P1 and P2.

In year 1:

Then, in year 2:

Here’s the weird thing. P1 has grown very rapidly…

It’s been a while since the last update on ArXangel. The main reason for this being that I was very busy updating ArXangel. The site has a few new features which I think might be of interest.

ArXangel Articles

The old standard functionality still exists. You can still use the site to:

The Greek letter “chi”. It is illegal to build any service for preprints without using this letter.

When I started out in publishing, the first job I was given was searching for scientists and asking if they would volunteer to peer-review the thousands of research papers that were coming into my work-queue. …

Adam Day

Data scientist working in research communication. #webapps #python #machinelearning #ai

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